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When is Instant Gratification Too Much?

We often hear the phrase “In this world of instant gratification . . .” Some of us even use the phrase. But when is it too much?

TV condenses time, and relationships. Therefor their version of instant gratification is even more condensed – more instant. They don’t have the time to develop relationships over years or even months and feel it makes for a better story if characters either fall into bed together after meeting or fall into bed with everyone else while engaging in some long drawn-out sexual tension between the main characters. Are they promoting the instant gratification of sex through their storylines? Are they promoting sexual gratification be obtained elsewhere while a real relationship is being formed? Do they think about it at all?

In Sync with Jo Ellen

I had lunch with my good friend Jo Ellen the other day.  It has been a long time since we talked but we picked right back up where we left off.  That’s the way we are; really in sync.  We think a lot alike and have many of the same views on things. I admire […]

What happened to “Community?”

Who are you caring for?  I’m not talking about your spouse and children; I’m talking about bringing another person into the fold.  Why should we rely on the government to support us when we’re sick or old?  What happened to Community? Social Security is a wonderful thing but it was never meant to be our […]

I Empathize

I empathize. Yes, I empathize with some but not all, maybe not many of those standing in the lines of the entitlement lines saying “give me.” I’ve never been poor but I have been without money, and without a job. I even went through a period of time when I sold plasma three times a week for grocery money. I rode the bus to the plasma donation center, spent an hour or more sitting among several others listening to stories of how they were scamming the system or had given up. Then I collected my money, and took the bus or walked to the grocery store to buy food before heading to my modest apartment and looking for a job.