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You can’t go to Hawaii without going to a Lu’au.  Ours was fun; food and drink was plentiful, and the entertainment rounded out a very enjoyable evening. The food table included Poi, a Hawaiian word for the primary Polynesian staple food made from the corm of the taro plant (known in Hawaiian as kalo). Poi […]

From Maui to Kauai

  We enjoyed Maui but it never felt like Hawaii.  It didn’t look like the scenes you see in the movies, on TV, or in photos.  It’s tropical and we had to account for the cooler than normal weather but still, there’s something more about this island.  The homes and buildings looked warn and un-kept.  […]

Saturday – Down the Mountain on a Bike

Up at 2:00 AM  our day officially began at 3:00. I’m not crazy about bicycles. Well today I rode a bike 28.2 miles down a mountain and it was awesome. We got up at 3:00 AM and went to Haleakala National Park on Maui. We watched the sun rise and then rode down the mountain […]

Thursday/Friday March 8/9 – We Made It!!!!

Mark and I arrived in Maui Hawaii late Thursday evening caught up with Ellen and Denny, got our car from Alamo and drove to the Maui Coast Hotel.  After around 10 years of planning and failing to execute we finally made it to Hawaii.  Happy, but functioning on very little sleep from the past 24 […]