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Homeward Bound

When all is said and done, home is where the heart is. No matter how great our vacation was, and it was great, I always like getting back to my own home, my own bed, and cuddling our two fuzzball kitties.

Phoenix – Day 6: the Glass and Steel Scottsdale Trail

I can no longer get my shoes on. The big toe on my left foot is black-and-blue and refuses to enter my tennis shoe. Thank heaven for my sandals. Mark’s sunburn is peeling in sheets and his skin is raw. Hiking Scottsdale’s Camelback Mountain is not in the cards today.

Sedona – Day 5: Cathedral Rock, Climbing and Crawling

Today’s plan was to hike Cathedral Rock. You’ll notice I said “plan.” Reality consisted several adventures around Cathedral Rock.

Sedona – Day 4: Red Mountains and Beer

We spent 3 + hours walking the Sedona West Fork Oak Creek Trail along a riverbed, crossing back and forth over the stream several times.