Day 1 – the Vegan Decision

My husband, Mark, came home a few weeks ago and announced that he would like to cut animal products, dairy, and oil out of his diet.  That hit like a lead brick; I had just returned from the grocery store and purchased about a month’s worth of meat.

Mark recently read a book touting the benefits of eating only vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes. He said he wanted to get healthier and live longer so he could spend more quality time with me.  Now who can argue with that reasoning?

Being the good wife that I am I through the meat in the freezer and jumped on the band wagon.  Being the intelligent omnivore I knew that I could get my “meat fix” when Mark was out of town on business.  I’m not a fan of any diet that cuts out complete food groups but I want to make my husband happy and was looking forward to starting better eating habits.  And so our journey from meat eaters to vegans began.

I spent hours combing through recipes on the internet; I went to the store and shopped some more – this time in the produce department – and started vegan meal planning.  The problem I ran into is that eating vegan is dull as dirt.  Cut half of the food out of your diet and everything starts tasting the same.


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