The Warrior Dash

Well we did it; Ellen (sister), Mark (husband), and I ran the Warrior Dash. If you’re not familiar with the Warrior Dash, it’s 3.2 mile, 12 obstacle mud run. IT WAS AWESOME!

Ellen and I trained for it. Mark . . . well he’s a natural.

The course is mostly on a trail but is also marked with red flags set around 30 feet apart. From the starting line we ran about a mile to the first obstacle. From there forward we alternated running & walking. We would run to a red flag then walk to the next flag and so on. We crept through tubes, climbed across a rope, walked through trenches, swam through nasty water, balanced over wood planks, scaled walls, jumped over fire, slid down a huge slide, and of course, crawled through mud.

The blue brave-heart type face paint was fun but turned out to be a mistake. It started to run as we began to sweat and got into our eyes and mouths. Fortunately the water obstacle was early in the race so we were able to rinse it off.

Turned out the water obstacle was the toughest one to complete. Swimming in tennis shoes was no problem but there was a raft that we had to climb over. It floated around ½ foot above the water and was around 3 feet wide so there was no way to hoist yourself onto it. As I tried to figure a way up, another runner came up behind me and said “give me your foot.” Then he submerged himself into the water grabbed my foot and heaved me onto the raft. Then another girl and I sat on the raft and pulled him up. Mark helped Ellen onto the raft and managed to sink down, hit the bottom and propel himself out of the water high enough to land onto the raft and climb up. It was really cool the way all the runners helped each other with the obstacles

There are very few photos of us durning the race. Photographers were stationed at many of the obstacles and then we had to search to try to find ourselves amonst the thousands of photographs. Observers are not allow on the course

Mark is now obsested with the Warrior Dash. He wanted to run another one in September about an hour from home. I’m not too keen on that because it’s likely to be COLD, especially in the water and mud. But I dodged that bullet as Mark will be out of town on work the weekend of the race. I am, however, looking into the various Warrior Dashes in 2015 to figure out how many of them we can do. OMG, I’ve created a monster.

The Dash took us about an hour and 10 minutes to complete and at the finish line we all received a metal. We were muddy and tired, and yet energized. We fashioned a make-shift shower using sheets rinsing off with the gallon jugs of water we brought with us. Being somewhat cleaner and wearing dry cloths we went back into the Warrior after party for a beer and a bite to eat. 2½ hours later we were home were we all took long showers with lots of soap and shampoo. I had to wash our cloths 4 times before they were clean. But it was all worth it

I really am looking forward to next year’s Dash.

The three of us agreed when we registered for the Dash that we would walk at least part of the course and would walk around any obstacle we couldn’t manage. It was an incredible feeling when we reached the finish line and knew that we had run more than half the course and successfully completed every obstacle.


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