Sedona – Day 4: Red Mountains and Beer

Today started with breakfast of coffee and muffins at a roadside grocery/deli where we could also pick up water for our hike.

We spent 3 + hours walking the Sedona West Fork Oak Creek Trail along a riverbed, crossing back and forth over the stream several times.  Fortunately the water is low so crossing the stream is no problem.  The walk is wooded with Sedona’s red mountains as a back drop.  What a view.   Crackers and cheese along with a few snicker bites made for a snack during our walk.  The shaded path provided a perfect temperature to the morning heat.

Early afternoon brought us back into Sedona where sat outside and split a burger, peanut coleslaw, and fries along with a well-deserved Oak Creek Amber Ale at the Cowboy Club.

We were back to our hotel around 3:00 to rest and work for a while then around 7:00 we decided to dine in the room on crackers and cheese, split a banana, finished our snicker bites and the mini muffins.

All-in-all it was a kick-back restful day.

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